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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Our company is available for popcorn ceiling removal in Markham, Ontario. The crucial thing is that we have experience in such projects and assure you of the safe and proper way they are carried out. Naturally, once the texture is removed, the ceiling is finished. If you want a modern flat ceiling or fear that the texture is not entirely harmless, let us not waste any more time. Let’s put all things on the table and get to work. You just contact Painters Markham.

Popcorn ceiling removal in Markham homes just became our concern

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Markham

Whatever the reason why you want to schedule popcorn ceiling removal, Markham contractors are ready to take action. Get in touch with our team as soon as you can. Don’t you want to know details about the process and the cost of the service? Make an appointment. It’s best to have a pro over to check the ceiling – is this just one ceiling or more? And what’s its current condition? Has it been painted over the years or not? Such things are vital to the way the job is done and how much it will cost.

Then, we need to talk about the new ceiling. Don’t forget that the service includes removing the popcorn ceiling and refinishing the substrate.

From removing popcorn ceilings to finishing substrates, everything is done properly

The pros assigned to remove popcorn ceilings come out well-prepped for the job. Removing popcorn ceilings demands special tools and still, some dust cannot be avoided. It’s no wonder that the pros first prep well the room. They create the conditions so that the dust will not be transferred to the other areas in the house. Even if there are demanding sections that are hard to remove, the pros use the appropriate tools and have the expertise to unveil the substrate. All removed pieces are transferred outside the home with care and attention. The substrate is prepped and painted. Any imperfections are fixed and the surface becomes smooth and even. Once this phase is done, the painters finish the ceiling as demanded.

Ready for a flat ceiling? Let’s remove the popcorn ceiling

Removing popcorn textures is not easy. And it’s not safe to do without the right tools and gear. The pros we appoint to remove popcorn ceilings are dressed properly so that they won’t be affected by dust or even harmful elements. Plus, they have the experience to address all flaws before they refinish the ceiling. Since you now know our team and have learned about our experience in such projects, don’t take risks. Don’t attempt such projects yourself or just entrust them to a random handyman. Trust the experts. Turn to our team. After all, the cost of the service is reasonable and the substrate is transformed into an attractive ceiling – a ceiling you will love.

Want to talk about popcorn ceiling removal in Markham – what’s involved, when it can take place, what you need to do, how much it will cost, and many more things? Contact our team.