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Want to change the color of a brick wall in your Markham home in Ontario? The best in-Markham brick painting pros are standing before you, fully prepared to take over. Are we talking about an exterior wall? Perhaps, the entire house? Or, is there a need for interior brick wall painting?

With Painters Markham on the job, brick surfaces are finished to a T. We take all the steps needed to ensure the flawless painting of brick walls, whether exterior or interior.

Experts in brick painting serve Markham

Brick Painting Markham

Painting brick and getting the utmost results is difficult. And that’s a good reason for turning to our experienced team for brick painting in Markham. Brick surfaces differ because brick varies. Not all products are the same, at least texture-wise. And then, the location of the brick wall makes a difference. Painting an interior wall is usually different than painting an exterior wall, mainly due to the latter’s weathering. Of course, any stone wall interior painting is demanding too.

Tip-top brick wall painting service

In our company, we have experience with brick wall painting. All the same, we send a pro to check the brick surface in your home to understand its texture and thus, what finishing coatings will be ideal. Based on that and your personal needs, they make recommendations and give you costs. So, if you are planning to have a brick surface painted and could use some consultation and an estimate free of charge, reach us knowing that there’s no obligation.

Although the elements take their toll on exterior surfaces, interior brick walls need some good preparation as well. That’s the first stage of brick painting jobs: prepping. The pros clean and fix as required. Overall, they prep the surface to be painted. Since exterior surfaces are weathered, they usually need extensive care. But interior walls do care too. The overall objective is to remove dirt, address dents, and make sure the surface is prepped for the painting phase. This way, the paint sticks well to last for long and look great.

Is this an exterior brick surface? Or, time for interior brick wall painting?

Apart from our experience in brick painting, you can also count on our overall knowledge and expertise. Also, in our commitment to remaining updated with the latest painting methods and techniques as well as the trendiest colors – hence, recommend the best ideas for your home.

We take big jobs, like if you want the brick exterior of your house painted. And we take small jobs, like if you want one accent brick wall or your brick fireplace painted. Irrespective of the project, all steps – from prepping to finishing – are taken with the utmost professionalism. We emphasize in the prep phase, use coatings designed for brick walls and the location in question – exterior or interior, and make sure the surface is flawlessly painted.

Do you want one or a few brick walls painted in your Markham residence? If so, why don’t you reach our team to book a free estimate appointment? Since there’s no obligation, why do you hesitate? If you are ready to talk with a contractor experienced in brick painting, Markham’s best team is standing right here. Contact us.