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Basement Painting

Are you considering painting the basement in your Markham house in Ontario? If that’s true, leave the basement painting Markham service to our company.

Painting basements is challenging due to the high levels of moisture often noticed in underground spaces. Another challenge would be the limited natural light. Choosing the right colors for the basement is paramount, if you want a bright and friendly space. Also, the colors of even the same family vary a lot and look different under different lighting conditions. To have your basement painted perfectly and enjoy your family moments in there without worrying about a thing, turn to us. Painters Markham is the company to trust with such a demanding project.

Basement painting in Markham

Basement Painting Markham

Like we do with any other project, Markham basement painting services begin with the space’s inspection. Since you also need to know more about the process and could use some color consultation, we set up a meeting. You get together with a local painting contractor to discuss all things about your project. The contractor checks the basement and offers advice, solutions, ideas, and an estimate for the service. That’s free of charge and obligation. If you decide to assign your project to us, the most experienced painters in Markham take over.

The Markham basement painters come out on time and properly equipped for the service. Let us ease your mind that both finished and unfinished basements can be painted. Also, you can have all parts of the basement painted – from floor to ceiling, or just some sections, like the staircase or the trims. Overall, the basement painting service may include anything you want.

Basement staircase painting

Think of how many times you go up and down the basement staircase. The handrail alone could use fresh paint from time to time. If we are talking about wooden stairs, their appearance and strength will go up a notch if painted.

Basement floor painting

Basement floors are usually painted when the basement is still unfinished. But even in finished basements, concrete floors may wear or lose their edge, two facts that would make them prone to moisture damage. Your basement floor can be painted.

Basement walls painting

A basement painter can come out to paint just the walls, if you want. Or, this may be part of a job that would include a full basement painting. All the same, the walls are painted colors to beautifully reflect light.

Basement window painting

The window and its casing will gain years of lifespan with a fresh coating of paint.

Basement trims painting

Are there trims in your basement? They can be painted – anything, from baseboards and crown moldings to all sorts of rails.

Basement ceiling painting

Of course, the basement’s ceiling is painted too. It’s painted to make the space look taller and brighter.

Basement kitchen cabinets painting

If this is a finished basement, there might be a kitchen whose cabinets could use a fresh color. If that’s your case, you can also book kitchen cabinets painting.

All surfaces are prepped thoroughly and always with respect to the material’s requirements. This ensures exceptional results and flaw-free surfaces. Since moisture is always a threat in basements, all products are moisture-resistant – ideal for such environments.

If you are ready to talk about your basement, get in touch with our company. Markham basement painting experts are ready to serve.